A unique range of blended organic acids designed to combat bacterial pathogens in both feed and water, along with optimizing the acidity of the gut for optimum gut health and digestion. The GLOBACID range provides a multi-action system to protect you livestock from feed and waterborne pathogens.


Key features

  • ACID SYNERGY – the organic acid combinations of the GLOBACID range are designed to work synergistically and complement one another to optimize gut pH and control pathogens
  • DE-MEDICATION – to combat growing antimicrobial resistance, the GLOBACID range supports natural protection from feed and waterborne pathogens, reducing the incidence of disease on farm
  • INCREASE NUTRIENT UTILISATION – the GLOBACID range is designed to improve the environment of the gut for beneficial bacteria, and inhibit pathogenic bacteria that compete with the host for nutrients

GLOBACID’s target species