• Broad range of activity against acid sensitive bacteria
  • Supports and facilitates digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Decontaminates feed of pathogenic bacteria, molds and yeast


Every acid has its own characteristics and qualities, and the choice of acid depends on the goal. GLOBACID LFPA combines four acids that work synergistically to target multiple challenges to gut health, including pathogenic bacteria, molds and yeast.

GLOBACID LFPA is a high concentration, synergistic combination of lactic, formic, propionic and acetic acid that has immediate and persistent inhibitory effect on a broad range of acid sensitive pathogenic bacteria, molds and yeast.

How it works

Broad range of activity

GLOBACID LFPA combines four specific acids that work synergistically over a broad pH to decontaminate feed, create an acid barrier in the stomach to reduce pathogenic bacterial growth, and support the digestion and absorption of feed.

Antibacterial effect

GLOBACID LFPA uses formic acid for direct inhibition of acid sensitive pathogenic bacteria, reinforced by lactic acid to provide non-pH dependent inhibition of acid sensitive bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli.

Mold and yeast protection

Propionic and acetic acid provide effective protection of feed against mold and yeast, by retarding spore germination, decreasing mycotoxin production and preserving the feeds nutrient value.

Benefits to your production system

Nutritional state

  • Decontaminates feed from acid sensitive bacteria
  • Prevents the growth of molds and yeast
  • Preserves the nutritive value of the feed

Microbial state

  • Lowers the pH of the stomach
  • Active against pathogenic bacteria such as E.coli, Salmonella and C. perfringens
  • Effective at low doses

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