• Effectively inhibits both mold and yeast growth
  • Fast-acting with a sustained protective capacity
  • Preserves the nutrient value of feeds


Mold and yeast in feed can pose serious risk and significant losses to production through the degradation of nutrients and production of mycotoxins. GLOBAMOLD is a synergistic combination of highly active organic acid preservatives and a unique activating complex, allowing for comprehensive protection against molds and yeasts in raw materials and finished feeds.

GLOBAMOLD’s highly effective and efficient mold and yeast inhibitor programs are the key to controlling major spoilage organisms.


How it works

Synergistic components

GLOBAMOLD is a synergistic combination of acids and their salt forms which work hand-in-hand against yeasts and molds.

Broad range protection

GLOBAMOLD contains a high concentration and wide variety of organic acids which provides the greatest protection against all major spoilage organisms.

Fast action and long lasting protection

GLOBAMOLD provides immediate protection from molds and yeasts, and through its unique pH activator complex, allows a continuous release and activation of acids across a wide pH range and over an extended period of time.


Benefits to your production system

Nutritional state

  • Effective against mold and yeast
  • Retarding spore germination
  • Decreases mycotoxin production
  • Preserves nutrient value
  • Non-corrosive, non-volatile

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