The new GLOBATIOX range consists of a group of synthetic and natural antioxidants that are designed to prevent raw materials, compound and specialty feeds from lipid oxidation.

The GLOBATIOX range has a product for every situation to prevent feed and raw materials from becoming rancid or decreasing the quality or value of the feed.


Key features

GLOBATIOX products work actively to prevent the key issues associated with oxidation by:

  • FEED STABILITY – the GLOBATIOX range has been specifically designed to provide long lasting protection and stability for essential nutrients such as vitamins, fats and pigments from deterioration
  • NATURAL AND SYNTHETIC OPTIONS – Global Nutrition provides a range of antioxidants based on natural and synthetic components to provide solutions for every situation
  • NON-TOXIC – The GLOBATIOX range has been formulated to be safe and easy to use for all producers

GLOBATIOX range for all species