Global Nutrition International is involved and specializes in the development and manufacture of technological feed additives for the global feed industry. It markets these through a network of subsidiaries, affiliates and distributor partners in more than 30 countries throughout the world. Global Nutrition International has its headquarters and primary manufacturing facility in Fougeres, France.

Global Nutrition International is committed to setting new directions in the field of animal nutrition and feed technology by constantly seeking and incorporating fresh, innovative ideas and concepts to its range of feed additive products.

Global Nutrition International delivers technologically-advanced, cost-effective and ecologically-friendly feed additive solutions for the global feed, poultry, livestock, petfood and aquaculture.

Working closely with its feed-producing customers and enabling them to preserve and further improve the quality of their products, Global Nutrition International also aims to enhance the efficient conversion of feed to food. In this way, it sees itself contributing to ensuring sufficiency of affordable, high quality and safe food supply for the growing human population.