A range of calcium-butyrate based performance enhancers that are designed to fortify the inner defences of the gut, improve gut functionality and provide a strong platform for good digestive health and performance.

Butyrate – The core ingredient for good gut health

Butyric acid is a volatile fatty acid and is a natural product of the bacterial fermentation of carbohydrate in the intestine of monogastric’s and rumen of ruminants. As it is the major energy source for the intestinal epithelial cell, butyric acid supplementation has proven benefits in increasing gut integrity and function, bacteriostatic and bactericidal effects and strengthens immunity.


Key features

  • STRONG PROTECTION – The GLOBAMAX range utilises Pro-BED matrix technology to protect the butyrate from early degradation in the stomach and ensure a gradual and sustained release in the target organs.
  • HIGH HEAT STABILITY – The GLOBAMAX range has been designed to withstand high temperature and pressure conditions, ensuring minimal product loss during feed production
  • SUSTAINED AND GRADUAL RELEASE – The GLOBAMAX range is designed to secure the butyrate requirement of the small intestine and provides a gradual and sustained release across the target organs.

GLOBAMAX’s target species