GLOBAMAX B700 micro

  • Restores and improves the physiological status of the gut
  • Enhances immune function and mucosal barrier of the intestine
  • Direct inhibition of specific bacteria such as Vibrio spp.


GLOBAMAX B700 micro is a protected, highly concentrated Ca-butyrate feed supplement with a small and uniform particle size. It is designed to maximize the benefits of butyric acid throughout the small intestine of aquaculture species.


How it works

Physiological improvements

Butyrate feeds intestinal enterocytes, improves villi length, stimulates the expression of tight junction proteins and mucine production, a core part of the protective mucus membrane.

Inflammation control

GLOBAMAX B700 MICRO helps to control immune responses by reducing the expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines and stimulate specific immunity. This allows for a better response to vaccination and a stronger ability to fight disease.

Microflora management

GLOBAMAX B700 MICRO has a direct inhibitory effect on Vibrio spp at intestinal pH. GLOBAMAX B700 MICRO also stimulates antimicrobial peptide production and has no negative effect on beneficial lactobacilli.


Benefits to your production system

Nutritional state

  • High stomach bypass
  • Small particle size
  • High heat tolerance, pelleting stability

Microbial state

  • Reduction in inflammatory responses
  • Active against Vibrio spp.
  • Increased survival rate

Mucosal state

  • Improved GIT development
  • Improvements in performance, growth and productivity
  • Improved immunity

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