The interaction between nutrition, health and growth occurs chiefly in the gut. Since the decline in the use in-feed antibiotics, optimizing gut health is globally recognised as the most effective way to achieve the full potential of your livestock.

Global Nutrition assist producers to review and improve the gut health of their animals through an active range of products, programs and specialists that can help to support the development, integrity and functionality of the gut.

Our goal is to work with producers to ensure that the overall health, wellness and welfare of the animals are protected, along with providing trusted solutions to increase growth and animal performance, so that the animals can sustainably achieve their full potential.

When improving and maintaining good gut health, we look at four key areas that have a substantial impact on the animal.

Target areas of the Gut Check Program

Nutritional stability

Good nutrition is dependent upon using high quality materials and ensuring that quality is safeguarded. However, maintaining the nutritional value and physical aspects of the feed and raw materials can be a challenge in many regions. Through our range of feed preservation products, Global Nutrition ensures that your feed has an adequate shelf life, is free from contamination and spoilage, and allows you to provide top quality nutrition to your livestock.

Environment and welfare

The impact that environmental stress can have on the performance of the gut is sizable and is often overlooked. Providing a living environment with high welfare standards and low stress will help to improve growth rates and enhance the immune strength of the animal greatly. Global Nutrition helps producers to provide the highest quality living environment for their animals and minimise the negative effects that poor welfare can have on growth, immunity and performance.

Schema Gut Check Program

Microbial protection

The microbiome of the gut is vital for effective digestion and absorption of feedstuff. Stress from pathogens can easily throw-out the balance of gut microflora and result in disease outbreaks that can have dire impact on production. Global Nutrition provides active solutions that will not only target specific pathogenic microbes in the gut but also will help the animal to naturally defend itself from attack.

Gut integrity and function

The mucosal membrane of the gut is the major line of defence against pathogens entering the body, and is also the key area for absorption of nutrients. Global nutrition provides proactive solutions that can help strengthen the intestinal barrier of the gut, improve digestion and absorption and reduce the negative impact of immune response and inflammation on growth potential.

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