• Prevents clinical and sub-clinical ketosis
  • Ensures good start to lactation and increases milk production
  • Reduces calving-­­oestrus interval and improves fertility


Ketosis is a common problem in early lactation leading, in particular, to poor feed intake, bad fertility and low milk production. GLOBAL MPG is a highly palatable combination of glucose precursors (monopropylene glycol, glycerol and propionate) and niacin. By providing glucose precursors and reducing blood ketone bodies levels, GLOBAL MPG can prevent ketosis and ensure a good start to lactation.

GLOBAL MPG is designed to stimulate feed intake by reducing ketone bodies in the blood and maintaining the cows blood glucose levels, particularly during heat stress.

Global MPG

How it works

Prevents ketosis

GLOBAL MPG prevents clinical and sub-clinical ketosis by providing glucose precursors which reduce blood ketone levels and maintain blood glucose.

Improves start of lactation

GLOBAL MPG ensures a good start to lactation, increasing feed efficiency and milk production, particularly during heat stress.

Improves fertility

GLOBAL MPG reduces the calving-oestrus interval and improves fertility and A.I. success rate.

Benefits to your production system

Nutritional state

  • Prevents clinical and sub-clinical ketosis
  • Stimulates feed intake after calving
  • Higher milk production
  • Better fertility & Better resistance to heat stress

Microbial state

  • Less mastitis/milk fever
  • Reduces weight loss after calving
  • Reduction in displaced abomasum
  • Improved milk persistency

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