• Enhanced feed palatability and intake
  • Masks unpleasant odours and tastes
  • Creates feed identity


GLOBAROM is a complete range of flavours to give a potent and persistent aroma and taste for animal feeds.

GLOBAROM is designed to ensure the palatability, feed intake and animal performance are not disturbed when using unpalatable feed ingredients, or during stressful or transition periods. GLOBAROM activates a response in animals that effects the smell, taste and attractiveness of feed to improve intake and efficiency.

GLOBAROM is composed of a variety of fruity and milky aromas, which are attractive to young animals and mask’s unpleasant aromas and tastes in feed and premixes

How it works

Enhanced feed palatability and intake

GLOBAROM ensures a strong and desirable flavour for feed that creates and maintains a persistent attraction to the feed. This helps to prevent a drop in feed intake, especially during environmental stress of transition between diets.

Masks unpleasant odours and tastes

The use of unpalatable raw materials, minerals and medications are often unavoidable and can result in a reduction in feed intake. GLOBAROM is designed to mask these unpalatable smells and flavours to ensure that feed intake is maintained.

Creates feed identity

The use of GLOBAROM helps to build the brand and market perception of your feed by creating a consistent smell and flavour that is recognisable by customers.

Benefits to your production system

Nutritional state

  • Increased feed palatability and feed intake
  • Hide unpalatable smells and flavours
  • Increase early feed intake for young animals

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