Gut Check Program

The interaction between nutrition, health and growth occurs chiefly in the gut. Since the decline in the use of in feed antibiotics, optimizing gut health has become globally recognised as the most effective way to achieve the full potential of your livestock.

Global Nutrition looks to assist farmers to review and improve the gut health of their animals through an active range of products, programs and specialists that can help to support the development, integrity and functionality of the gut.

Our goal is to work with farmers to ensure that the overall health, wellness and welfare of the animals are protected, along with providing trusted solutions to increase growth and animal performance, so that the animals can sustainably achieve their full potential.

When improving and maintaining good gut health, we look at four key areas that have a substantial impact on the animal.

Early Chick Nutrition

The successful progression of a broilers physiological development and sustained gut health begins at hatch. Head start allows producers to initiate the development of the gastrointestinal tract within hours of hatch, right through to slaughter, allowing each bird to reach slaughter weight faster and at peak physiological condition.

The race for broiler production starts and ends with good gut health and development.

Key benefits

  • Early development of the GIT, vital organs and immune system
  • Improved gut integrity and function from a young age
  • Reduction in time to reach slaughter weight

Necrotic enteritis Program

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Post weaning diarrhea

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