Innovative feed additive and animal nutrition products

Global Nutrition International aims to set new directions in the search and effective application of innovative feed additive and animal nutrition products and solutions for the benefit of the global feed, poultry, livestock and aquaculture industries.

Partnering with its customers, it also aims to help contribute to increasing supply and ensuring sufficiency of more affordable, safe and high quality food sources for the growing human population worldwide.

To achieve its mission, Global Nutrition International is guided by the following principles:

Programs and Solutions

Global Nutrition International goes beyond delivering mere products and services. It integrates its accumulated expertise and experience to continuously develop and bring forward innovative programs and solutions tailor-fitted to its customers’ specific and changing needs.

From Global to Local

Global Nutrition International recognizes the full potential of even the most advanced technology may not be realized if it is not suited to the local environment where it will be applied. Thus, Global Nutrition ensures that its products and programs are always properly adapted to the local needs and conditions for maximum effect and benefit.

Focus and Dedication

Global Nutrition International will focus and dedicate itself to being a provider of premium quality products, programs and solutions to enhance and protect feed quality. Strongly committed to these ideals, Global Nutrition will remain its customers’ specialist partner, supporting them in their pursuit to become leaders in quality, efficiency and profitability.