• Counteracts the anti-buffering capacity of feed
  • Antibacterial effect against harmful bacterial such as E. Coli
  • Reduces the incidence of post weaning diarrhea


GLOBACID OPCL is a synergistic complex of orthophosphoric, citric and lactic acid, used to lower the acid buffering capacity and pH in the stomach of piglets.

GLOBACID OPCL is designed to amend a piglet’s inability to produce sufficient HCL, the high acid binding capacity of piglet feeds, and pathogenic bacteria contaminations, resulting in less diarrhea.

How it works

Reducing the buffering capacity of feed

GLOBACID OPCL contains high potency acid donors and supplies a rich source of H+ ions to saturate the acid binding receptor sites.
The use of these acids counteracts the acid binding capacity of raw feed materials, allowing for complete digestion of protein.

Broad activity

GLOBACID OPCL has 7 pKa activation points, which produces a relay effect as one acid releases its H+ ions, lowering the pH to a point where it activates another acid, continuing until optimum pH is reached.

Antibacterial effect

By reducing the stomach pH to 4 and the ability of lactic acid to provide non-pH dependent inhibition of acid sensitive bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli, GLOBACID OPCL provides a sound antibacterial effect for young pigs.

Benefits to your production system

Nutritional state

  • Lowers feed buffering capacity
  • Enhances protein digestion
  • Broad range of activation

Microbial state

  • Acidifies the stomach
  • Inhibits pathogenic bacteria
  • Reduces mortality

Environmental state

  • Improves litter quality
  • Reduction in diarrhea
  • Safe to handle

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