• Improve protein utilization and reduce ammonia loss
  • Reduce the incidence and severity of bloat
  • Reduce somatic cell count


GLOBATAN is a hydrolysable tannin derived from selected sweet chestnut wood (Castanea sativa Mill), a tree found abundantly in southern Europe. It is a bioactive compound, able to interfere with protein and lipid metabolism in the rumen, by forming complexes with dietary proteins and by modulating several bacterial activities.

GLOBATAN is a 100% natural product that improves the gut health and performance of your herd.

How it works

Improve protein utilization

GLOBATAN slows the dietary breakdown of protein in the in the rumen, enhancing amino acid bioavailability in the small intestine and reducing ammonia production.

Slowing rumen digestion

GLOBATAN slows the microbial degradation of starch and soluble protein in the rumen, stabilizing the rumen and reducing the severity and incidence of bloat and acidosis.

Reduce somatic cell count

GLOBATAN reduces the immune stress on the animal by strengthening the intestinal mucosal membrane, reducing oxidative stress and releasing gallic acid, reducing mycotoxin biosynthesis.

Benefits to your production system

Microbial state

  • Increased daily milk yield
  • Improved milk components
  • Reduction in ammonia and methane loss

Mucosal state

  • Lower somatic cell count
  • Improved nutrient and water absorption
  • Reduction in calf scouring

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