GLOBATAN - Poultry

  • Active against common pathogenic bacteria including perfringens
  • Reduction in digestive disorders
  • Proven efficacy against necrotic enteritis


Necrotic enteritis is a major disease globally for the poultry industry and in the past it has been difficult to find natural solution to the disease. Tannins are natural phenolic compounds that come from plants and have evolved to protect the plant from external threats such as pathogens and free radical formation.

GLOBATAN is a hydrolysable tannin derived from selected sweet chestnut wood (Castanea sativa Mill), a tree found abundantly in southern Europe.

GLOBATAN is a 100% natural product that improves the gut health and performance of your poultry.

How it works

Antimicrobial effect

GLOBATAN has proven antimicrobial properties and affects the gastrointestinal colonization of bacteria in chickens.

GLOBATAN’s specific structure has the ability to bind and disrupt bacterial cell membranes and function, and inhibit microbial enzymes.

Slowing gut mobility

GLOBATAN slows the peristaltic movements of the intestine, improving protein and nutrient utilization, reducing nitrogen excretion and improving litter quality.

Anti-inflammatory action

GLOBATAN reduces the immune stress on the animal by strengthening the intestinal mucosal membrane, reducing oxidative stress and releasing gallic acid, reducing mycotoxin biosynthesis.

Benefits to your production system

Microbial state

  • Active protection from pathogenic bacteria
  • Reduction in mortality
  • Proven efficacy against necrotic enteritis

Mucosal state

  • Improve nutrient digestion
  • Reduction in immune stress
  • Optimizes gut efficiency for better growth

Environmental state

  • Improved litter quality
  • Reduction in foot pad conditions
  • Improved animal welfare

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