• High net binding efficiency
  • Active against a broad range of mycotoxins
  • Pure and safe with no nutrient binding


GLOBAFIX is a unique combination of magnesium-rich HSCAS clays with a high natural binding affinity for aflatoxins, trichothecenes, ochratoxins and zearalenone.

GLOBAFIX simplifies the choice for an effective and efficient mycotoxin management and control program, providing proven in vivo protection from mycotoxins.

How it works

High net binding efficiency

GLOBAFIX has been selected from among more than 50 HSCAS clays for its high MgO levels and specific adsorption capacities. GLOBAFIX has the ability to bind a broad range of polar and no-polar mycotoxins.

Broad spectrum activity

GLOBAFIX supports the intestinal wall and tight junctions through its broad spectrum binding of mycotoxins, resulting in a reduction in the expression of genes that control intestinal barrier function, and a positive effect on villi length.

No nutrient binding

GLOBAFIX only binds to mycotoxins. It does not bind to nutrients even at the maximum recommended dosage in feed, with or without mycotoxin contamination.

Benefits to your production system

Nutritional state

  • High efficiency against a broad range of mycotoxins
  • Inert and heat stable during feed processing
  • Safe and free from dioxins and synthetic compounds

Mucosal state

  • Reduction in inflammation and immune stress
  • Reduced feed conversion and final weights
  • Proven efficacy in vivo and in vitro

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