GLOBADRY - Poultry

  • High moisture absorption capacity
  • Reduces the growth of harmful microbes in litter
  • Minimises ammonia production, improving air quality


Moisture and manure are the key determining factors of poultry litter quality. GLOBADRY is an effective and efficient litter drying and sanitizing agent with a high moisture absorbing capacity.

GLOBADRY reduces moisture content of the litter and is the most effective way to manage microbial growth, skin downgrades and ammonia production in broiler houses.

Globadry bag

How it works

High water absorption capacity

GLOBADRY’s unique combination of mineral and vegetable absorbents, and our unique drying activator absorb excess moisture from the environment.

The high-water absorption capacity of GLOBADRY allows litter to maintain an optimum moisture level of 20-25%.

Bacterial inhibition and litter sanitation

Moisture is the key determinant of microbial growth in litter. Through reduced litter moisture and the addition of essential oils and an antibacterial complex, GLOBADRY significantly reduces microbial growth in the litter.

Warm, dry and comfortable

Microbial degradation of manure nitrogen is the primary source of ammonia production from poultry litter.

By reducing the moisture content and microbial growth in the litter, ammonia production is significantly reduced using GLOBADRY.

Benefits to your production system

Microbial state

  • Reduction in pathogenic bacteria, mold and viral infections
  • Removes foul odors from the poultry house
  • Reduction in coccidiosis

Environmental state

  • Reduced ammonia and improved air quality
  • Reduction in foot pad conditions
  • Improved longevity of litter

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