• Prevents hypothermia in newborn pigs
  • Reduces the risk of joint and umbilical infections
  • Sanitizes the birthing environment


GLOBADRY is a hygienic drying, sanitizing and thermo-insulating agent for new born pigs.

New born piglets go through an abrupt change in environmental temperature at birth. Wet at birth, it takes them several hours to dry and leave them exposed to hypothermia, impacting on their survivability, health and development.

Globadry bag

How it works

High water absorption capacity

GLOBADRY’s unique combination of mineral and vegetable absorbents, and our unique drying activator  absorb excess moisture from the environment.

The high water absorption capacity of GLOBADRY allows the piglet to dry completely immediately after birth.

Bacterial inhibition and litter sanitation

In addition to eliminating moisture, GLOBADRY contains a sanitizing component of key antibacterial essential oils, decontaminating the skin and deodorizing the environment.

Warm, dry and comfortable

GLOBADRY’s superior ability to absorb water, creates an insulating warming and drying layer on the skin.

This trapping of the moisture prevents energy and heat loss from evaporation and keeps the piglet dry, warm and comfortable.

Benefits to your production system

Microbial state

  • Removes harmful pathogens from the skin
  • Sanitizes the piglets environment
  • Reduction in joint and umbilical cord infections

Environmental state

  • Dries and warms the piglet directly from birth
  • Positive effect on thermoregulation
  • Reduces the risk of hypothermia

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